Call for Abstracts

Submission will open in August, 2020

Abstract categories

  1. The neurovascular unit and brain barriers during development
  2. Brain barriers in disease
  3. Fluid transport and vascular networks
  4. Brain tumors and the brain barriers
  5. Drug transport across the brain barriers
  6. Experimental models of the brain barriers
  7. Neurodegeneration and vascular ageing
  8. Brain imaging
  9. Central immune response and neuroinfections
  10. Other

Abstract rules

  • Title: The abstract title is limited to 150 characters. Do not use only capital letters unless abbreviations or similar.
  • Authors and affiliations: Please enter the authors’ names and affiliations in the dedicated fields. Do not use only capital letters unless abbreviations or similar.
  • Text: Abstract should include Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion, Funding (optional), References (optional). Word count is limited to 350 words. The title, authors’ name and affiliation are not included in the number of words in the abstract. 
  • Image: The abstract allows for one image. The image will be automatically scaled to a maximum height of 200px. Please use the Preview button at the end to view the full abstract, including the image.
  • Presentation type: Please indicate the preferred presentation type.
  • Number of abstracts: You can only submit one abstract as presenting author


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Important dates

Abstract submission opens in
the beginning of August 2020

Registration opens in
the beginning of October 2020

Conference dates
20 - 24 June 2021

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